Artist Biography

Suji is the pseudonym of the Peace Angel doll artist who lives in the woodlands
of central New York. The reclusive artist chose this alias when she was a young girl.

When her administrative job of more than 20 years ended due to the untimely death
of her boss and friend, she decided to make a career change. She asked the Universe,
God, Goddess, the Great Spirit or the Great Pumpkin, whatever you choose to call 
the "ONE", "What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing?" and added rather 
boldly, "Please make it beneficial to the well-being of this world - and please
make it something I can do at home!"

The answer came after only a few months. The vision was immediate, fully formed and
clearly defined. As beautiful as the wildflowers in her garden, as soothing as early
morning birdsong, as singulary unique as a snowflake - peace angels!

Suji believes each angel asks to be created for a specific person or place.
She believes the tapestry is already woven for them to find their homes.
She believes in the power given to these very special beings.

                          Artist Picture

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