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To order your angel E-mail your desire to SujiArt2@gmail.Com

Shipping and handling in Continental U.S. are included. 

Other areas or special delivery arranged at actual cost.

New York state please add 8% sales tax.

I accept PayPal

Care of your artwork

Please protect from moisture,
dust accumulation, temperature
extremes, and direct sunlight,
which could significantly damage
some materials in this artwork.

Artist Biography

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 People often ask me if it is hard to part with a doll when she is finished. No, it really is not, 
 because they are not mine. Each angel has asked to be made, and I presume each knows where she 
 belongs and is just waiting for her home to find me.

 I have never been comfortable doing artwork specifically for someone. However, these angels have
 a way of insisting, so..., if you have some fabric, a piece of jewelry or even an idea that you
 feel is your angel in waiting, I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

 If there is an angel there, that I can see, I will endeavor to create a doll that will grace your life.


Dolls As Art. 

Peace Begins When Hunger Ends:
Give with Purpose with Heifer

PEACE - The opportunity for people with disablities to interact with nature


Syracuse Cultural Workers created the World Peace Flag as a universal symbol expressing the world's longing for peace. This is a beautiful flag with peace in 37 languages. Sacred Dolls and Bears. The Peace Doll Project by Noreen Crone-Findley Join in and help spread the word What is a copyright

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