angel 19
"...and all the angels pray for peace"
 This angel is an original, one of a kind, art doll.

Autumn in Upstate New York-cold, wet, windy-miserable. Husband and I are putting
shingles on the garage roof. I am very busy being extremely angry at him for not
doing this job when it was warm and dry. Being 14 feet off the ground on the front
side, I am also extremely busy being grateful we have not fallen off. On the back
side we can step from the ground onto the roof, reach out and touch the trees. 
Working in a shower of leaves that swirl around my feet then drift over the edge
to intermingle with shreds of the blue tarp that protected the roof for the past
year, I hear the tree spirits and the autumn angels whisper "look at your world -
really look". 

I look to the garden - a border of late roses, trying to outshine the last apples,
frames rows of rich, dark earth from just dug potatoes and brilliant green beds of
kale and spinach. A stray sunbeam sets the peacock orchids glowing like so many
giant snowflakes, a reminder of the winter blanket soon to come.

I look over a small valley, leading to the 4 lane, the fair grounds and beyond to
all the water towers marking the towns and villages stretching to the horizon - 
all clothed in the famous fall colors of the notheast.

             I look at the beauty and the bounty and am thankful.
                   Autumn in Upstate - glorious.
This angel is sculpted from polymer clay and Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Her armature, or
internal structure is wood, wire and PVC pipe. She is 22 inches tall, 12 inches 
wide, 10 inches deep and weighs 5 pounds.

No Longer Available

from the wonderful woman who took the 19th home

"When my peace angel arrived, admiring her beauty, I silently asked her, "What is
your name?"
Immediately, I heard an inner voice answer, "My name is JOY". It was perfect and
I was so pleased, and could not wait to share this with you!

Not long after, I had the TV on and it was a channel that played beautiful scenes
of nature coupled with various Bible quotes. I just "happened" to look up and catch
the following quote on the screen:

"Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them. Then all the trees of the forest
will sing for joy;" Psalm 96:11-12

I was amazed to find how perfectly this confirmed the Angel's name, as well as the
story of how she came to be created, inspired by the gorgeous autumn scenery in
Upstate New York, my home area! In fact, the reason I chose her was because she
represented that most beautiful season of the year that is my favorite, and that
does not exist in the state I now live."

The 19th Peace Angel - Joy

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