angel 1
  "...and all the angels pray for peace"
angel 3
  "...and all the angels pray for peace"
         is a series that began in January 2003
 Each angel is an original, one of a kind, art doll.
The head and hands are, in general, sculpted 
from polymer clay. Some may then be painted, 
covered with fabric, metal leaf, or other various 

                                        I AM THE FIRST.
                               I BECAME IN JANUARY 2003.
          I OFFER MY PRAYER OF PEACE IN 42 LANGUAGES,              
                                  RISING UP TO THE ONE.
angel 2
The clothing and wings may be constructed from 
vintage, heritage and/or new materials. 
Many of the decorative accents come from my 
grandmother's jewelry boxes.

angel 5
Included in the design of each angel are
  • the word peace written in 42 languages
  • the name of the series
  • my trademark, Suji®
  • a phrase telling which number she is in the series
    and when she was made

I have been a seamstress for many years, but I am 
relatively new to polymer sculpting. Before I began 
this project I knew nothing about other languages, 
photography, designing web pages..... 
Creating this series continues to be an incredible journey.

angel 6

peace words

Some words were given to me by friends who speak the language. 
Some I learned from strangers by asking, "What language is that 
and will you show me how to write the word peace?" A few came 
from the internet. Most of them I found searching through libraries. 
There was one word I could not find in the English reverse 
dictionaries. I finally resorted to reading the English definitions 
in the foreign reverse and eventually found it.

For various reasons I may not always be able to show each 
language in its written form. For example, I found Japanese 
uses the same symbols as Chinese, so for this language I 
have chosen to use the roman version "heiwa".

angel 7

Researching these languages I found a wide variety of definitions for peace.
Freedom from violence, justice, not war, calm, quiet, and lack of anxiety are a
few examples. Several languages have many different words for peace. One
language uses the same word for food and peace.
      Tranquility of mind was listed often and is my personal favorite.

      These angels are surrounded with calm and radiate serenity.

I hope the one you choose brings you personal peace, what ever your definition.

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